Vacation at Home: Family Fun for the Holidays!

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Not every one decides to go away for vacation.  Here are some tips to make your home vacation be as enjoyable as a going away vacation:

  • The first is your attitude as the parent.  If you believe you are deprived or slighted because you can’t go away then there is only one way for your children to feel: deprived and slighted.  If, on the other hand, you change this attitude by replacing it with thoughts of being grateful you can set your children up for loving their vacations.  You can be grateful for innumerable things; health, a job, being creative, and especially for having your children.  You can use this list as a starter.  Add to it and change it to be the things that you are specifically grateful for. 
  • As you change your attitude also prepare to change your routine over vacation.  Add special activities.  They do not have to cost any money, and during vacation week we will be providing activities to do at  Set up a schedule with your kids of things to do.  By having a great vacation while staying home you let your children know that fun comes from within.  It is not something that must be bought or provided for from an outside source or that is has to cost lots of money.  When you give this gift to your children, it is a life long character trait enabling your children to adjust to situations and make the best of them.
  • You can also  remember that good old-fashioned vacations were loads of fun as a kid, so why wouldn’t they be now?  Being rather anti mass media, I suggest having huge blocks of time without electronics.  Don’t panic!  Do things that you loved to do as a kid.  And don’t get bogged down if your kids are having fun or not. Just go and do your fun things.  As you go and do fun stuff, they will get involved.  Or they may create things that you had never dreamed of. 

Here are a few super ideas to help get past vacation boredom:

  • You can build a fort in the living room with all the extra sheets and blankets.  I know one family who every winter would “camp in” in the living room for a few days between Christmas and New Years.  They set up a tent, roasted hot dogs in the fireplace and made s’mores.  They read bedtime stories by candlelight.  And looked at the Christmas tree while singing songs- some Christmas and others just fun to sing. 
  • You can have a party and invite the other “non go awayers”.  Have a theme, maybe a beach party.  Everyone bring bathing suits and summer attire.  If you live in the snow, beach balls are a fun addition to any sledding party.  You can toss the balls and see who can catch them while going down.
  • You can go for a few day trips to inexpensive places.  Or pick one special day that does cost money and do that.  And you can see if any of your friends who you don’t see very often but enjoy might be around.  In other words go visiting.  And children love taking nature walks.
  • Arts and crafts are wonderful for kids.  When you set up a schedule find things that you and your kids want to make.  Get supplies ahead of time, not necessarily before Christmas, but at the beginning of the week.  Do one activity each day.  At the end of the week have a celebration of everything that you made.  You do not need to have anybody but the family be there.  Your kids will love a celebration.  Set the things up for display.  And have some kind of special music in the background and of course food is always nice. 

A vacation at home is as wonderful and sometimes better than going away.  When you have your home vacation remember to change the routine for yourself as well your children.  Do some things totally out of character.  When you create an awesome home vacation your children will develop a high self –esteem.  You allow them to understand that it is not how they compare to others that matters, but being able to have a good feeling about what they are doing without concern for others that truly matters.

Learn how to have a real vacation at home with our podcast “Vacation at Home-Fun Things To Do” full of ways to combine a positive attitude with activities for a home vacation with high self-esteem.

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