Activities For Divorced Families

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Welcome to the Creative Crayon Club with a special emphasis on Divorced Families!

Ginger Bread House

What you need:

  • Either make a ginger bread house from scratch or buy a pre-made one from the store
  • Small baggies-one per person
  • Scissors
  • Powder sugar
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Spoons
  • A variety of Christmas Candy
  • Paper towels

What you do:
If using premade house use their supplies directions

If making the house from scratch follow directions from cook book. You need to make the ginger bread two days in advance of assembly

  1. Cut a very small corner off the baggies
  2. Put the powder sugar in the bowl
  3. Add just enough cold water to have the sugar become a paste
  4. If you are coloring the paste separate into bowls and add a few drops of food color
  5. Spoon some sugar paste into the baggies.
  6. Use this paste to put together house.
  7. House has to stand for at least one day before next step.
  8. Put all unused baggies of paste in a bigger sealed baggie. Keep in fridge.
  9. Add the candies in any pattern you can think of.

This is a nice activity for divorced families because you can tell the children that this wonderful house is your special part of the holiday. The fact that it takes days to do do and can sit around for weeks before eating will give the kids a sense of continuity and stability.

Look at Christmas Lights

This is super simple and often not thought of as an actual activity.

  • Make a thermos of hot chocolate
  • Some PB&J sandwiches cut out with Christmas cookie cutters.
  • Have a Christmas song book or tape
  • Have warm clothes and head out.

Enjoy the Christmas lights!

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  1. Great article, and Blog! I found you doing some research and looking for some very good blogs that are dealing with relationships and marriage, but especially all the aspects of divorce… Because, I believe that it has and will always be a factor of communication that is the key to any good relationship and that the lack of it, is where the trouble starts for every marriage… Especially after divorce it will all lead back to one thing, and that is no real communication, it reminds me how important it really is, these kind of activities are a good way to break the silence…Keep up the good work on all of our behalf’s. Thank you, Howard M.

  2. Howard–Thank you for stopping by and please continue to leave us information on what you would like to read about!~~Best, Grace.

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