Wednesday Wisdom: Dont Let Christmas Snowball your Children and Family

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Welcome to Wednesday Wisdom!  

Here we are just before Christmas.  And you are getting anxious and feeling the snowball effect of the season.  Only it isn’t like the wonderful snow that we just had here in New Hampshire.  Your snowball is that tremendous feeling of overwhelm and how will you get everything done.  Remember there is only one Martha Stuart and you are not her.  This gives you the privilege to be imperfect.  Yes she has wonderful ideas and tricks.  But you do not need to emulate her.  The best thing for you to do right now is truly allow yourself to follow the most important ideas you have for Christmas.  And know that you have more ideas than you can really do.

But you really want a bit more than just attitude.  So here are some specific ways to get from today to Christmas with out loosing your ideals in the process.  Last week I suggested you wrote down everything you wanted to do before Christmas and if you haven’t done it why not do it now?  The tips and skills you learn here at GEM Parenting really do work and they work best if you actually apply them.  After you have your list of what you want to do then do one thing each day.  And what ever you don’t get done will have to wait till next year.  That is one of the best things about Christmas, it does come every year.

Here are several practical ideas that you can use to help save money, keep sane, stay the same weight, and still remember the joy of celebrating Christmas.

To help your wallet, credit card and bank account from being depleted from Christmas it is important to know how much money you have and are comfortable spending.  Make the decision and stick to it.  You will find then you are not only saving money you will have more sanity.  No need to wonder if you should get just one more thing for anybody.  And do make a budget for the holiday food.  It is easy to run up quite a bill for the specialty items at Christmas and New Years

When you are eating all those delectable Christmas items take small helpings.  Try a bite of each thing.  Then if it is really good go for a few more bites.  And remember that these foods are for tasting not filling you up necessarily.  That means if you savor each bite.  Be a bit Zen about it.  Get the full flavor from less quantity you will have the pleasure satisfied and the tummy not bulging.  And of course you know that if you stay the same weight during Christmas you will be much saner than if you gain that extra 10 or 20 pounds.

Some wonderful ways to remember the joy of Christmas with your kids is to go to the library and get lots of Christmas books.  Read these books as the most important part of your Christmas preparation.  You can get the fun books, the serious books, the crafty ones, and the religious ones.  And do some of those crafts.  It is so much fun, even if some are messy.  Your children will prefer to be sitting with you, glue, glitter and hearing you read books than just about anything else you can do. 

When you celebrate Christmas without going broke, not gaining weight and actually enjoying your kids you give real joy to the season.  I love the holiday this way.  Giving your family the opportunity to love Christmas and the time you spend with them will give them a strong understanding of how a holiday is not only a sacred time, but a metaphor for true high self esteem.  With this in mind I give my heartfelt love and wish you a Merry Christmas.

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