Motivational Monday: Avoid Being Snowballed by Christmas

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Welcome to this weeks issue of Motivational Monday with GEM Parenting

As Christmas is getting closer, you need to have encouragement to stay to your plan and to your heart.  It is not easy with all the media working on you in all kinds of psychological ways.  But rest assured you are not trapped.  You can bring Christmas with love and spirituality to your home. 

Use singing Christmas Carols, home made gifts, and old-fashioned cards as ways to help you keep the meaning of Christmas filled with love and spirituality

This week we will be working on keeping your heart and home filled with love for this Christmas season.  Remember the three wise men each brought only one gift apiece, but had the ability to lavish baby Jesus with gifts better than most of us can do now.

  • We are also going to talk about how to manage the goodness of gift giving with the reality of your checkbook. 
  • We will talk about how to make Christmas real yet still magical.  Without having to spend too much money or time. 

Hope to see you around this week.  And please let us all know if you have some great idea of how to keep Christmas filled with love and spirituality for your family.

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