Transcendent Tuesday: Children Helping Reduce Stress

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Welcome to Transcendent Tuesday…

The theme for this week at GEM Parenting is how you make your life easier and less stressful as you move into the Christmas season.  So many parents work throughout the year to make Christmas as memorable as possible for their childrenMothers baking, shopping, decorating, wrapping….and the list goes on and on.  Father’s frantically working to assemble presents for the first moment of glorious happiness when your children rush downstairs to see that shiny new bike or dollhouse from Santa on Christmas morning. 

All Ts are crossed and all Is are dotted right?

Or…maybe not!  Often times, by investing a few minutes of time with your children, they can experience the glow of Christmas and give you a few minutes of help.  Some suggestions of tasks that children can help with are signing Christmas cards, wrapping presents, making lists of things for the store, going through the pantry for donations to the food shelter, and boxing baked goods for gifts.  Remember, at this time, the goal is not a perfectly wrapped gift or calligraphy signed Christmas cards, its fostering your children’s self esteem and involvement in the holiday season.

What is your favorite way to involve your children in the Christmas season?  For a few more suggestions, be sure to visit the Academy for Coaching Parents blog on Handmade Gift Wrap!

Get ready for our audio release of “Christmas without the Crunch” to learn how you can have a wonderful holiday season without fatigue, media pressure, feeling overwhelmed or inadequate. How you can have the attitude and joy that everyone else envies!

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