Creative Crayon Club: Childrens Natural Self-Esteem

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You often hear “play with your children.”  Well let me tell you that is one of the best ways to help instill their natural self esteem.  And it is so easy.

I wonder why so many parents get all hung up about splashing in the pool or romping in the leaves having a mock battle and then a special tea party that uses play dishes.  I think a great part of it has to do with the fear that parents have in really letting themselves go.  It can be a bit hard at first.  But the best thing to do is follow Nike- “just do it.’  

Whenever I have the fear of not really getting into my kids activities I look at what is going on with me.  Why I don’t want to do their game.  It usually comes to too much stress on my part.  And I feel that I am just not able to stop what I am doing to get down to the kids level.

What happens from this is rather simple.  You give your kids the impression that they are not really important, at least at this moment.  If you do this too many times your kids’ self-esteem will diminish.  Then the downward spiral can begin.

I had the opportunity today to decide to go swimming with my kids or do some paper work.  Well I took the swim route.  Of course the paper work will still be there for me as soon as I finish this.  But what I did for myself and kids will give us all a boost of our natural self-esteem.  It took an hour of our time.  And we have been emotionally, spiritually, and physically uplifted.

So go play.  And know that play is the way to bring natural high self-esteem for you and your children.

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  1. Great post. I am new to your blog and I really like what I see. I look forward to your future work.

  2. Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for visiting. Your self esteem game looks very interesting too!

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