Discipline Your Kids Using Self-Esteem

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Parents struggle every day with disciplining their kids.  If you are confused about the ways to discipline your kids, then you are in a group of millions of parents.  Discipline ranks among the top 5 Parenting Concerns. 

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  • How to get your children to do what you want without resorting to bribery, manipulation, or coercion.
  • When to NOT take a strong, hard-line approach with your son or daughter – doing so at the wrong time can spell disaster.
  • Simple secrets to get your kids to behave better – even if everything you’ve tried thus far has been a failure.
  • Why traditional methods of parenting fail and how to stop being confused about what’s best for your children.
  • How to build and keep a loving, respectful relationship with your kids (just like the one you’ve always dreamed of).
  • Plus, these techniques will become second-nature; simple to use, and they intuitively motivate your children to their best behavior, moral clarity, and high levels of achievement.

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