Welcome to GEM Parenting!

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GEM Parenting is quickly becoming the home on the blogosphere for parents seeking help raising productive, healthy children.  Through learning the skills and strategies to create, instill, and enhance self-esteem in your children, you make them competent, well-balanced, and successful in life.

GEM Parenting welcomes you to our launch.  We picked Thanksgiving as the launch date because being thankful for our children and showing them how to be thankful in return is a large part of our lives.  With this in mind, GEM Parenting will commit to the parenting community to provide insightful intelligence for parents seeking ways to interact with their children.

The GEM Parenting Schedule Includes: 

  • Motivational Monday: For the courage to face the week.
  • Transcendent Tuesday: Where thinking starts to change. 
  • Wisdom Wednesday: GEMs of understanding and insights.
  • Thoughtful Thursday:  Reinforcing Positive GEMs. 
  • Focused Fridays: Finding answers through GEMs of knowledge.  
  • Creative Crayon Club (Saturday):  Family Friendly Activities
  • Sunday will be a day of rest and thankfulness.

Be on the lookout for our first release tomorrow of Transcendent Tuesday focused on Thanksgiving.  Also, coming soon, GEM Parenting will release our Parenting Series, the “7 Deadly Mistakes Parents Make That Create Spoiled Brats and How to Avoid Them.”  Be on the lookout for how you can get your copy of the GEM Parenting exclusive parenting audio course the “7 Deadly Mistakes Parents Make That Create Spoiled Brats and How to Avoid Them” completely FREE! 

Welcome to GEM Parenting…we are glad that you are here! 


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  1. Hi Grace! I’m looking forward to your launch and watching G.E.M. develop and grow! This sounds like a great project that so many families may benefit from. I’m especailly looking forward to your “Parenting Schedule.” Thank you for offering this resource!

  2. Hello Sienna! Welcome to GEM Parenting. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. It is parents like you that will make a difference for their children and I applaud your efforts.

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